Make the local host be accessible through DNS and not through IP


Is it possible to get a "" domain name, and point that to my local host IP so people would be able to access the site I have running on a specific port trough "" instead of going trough http://my_ip:port?

Everything on my local machine is configured, the site is IIS the port is forwarded and the site is accessible from outside my LAN with my IP.

If it would be simpler, I'm looking to connect only one user to myself, whose IP is not know and it is also unknown if their IP is static or not.

(I believe mine is static)

Best Answer

You have these options:

  1. Easiest for remote user: you can buy the domain and point its DNS record to your ip address.
  2. Easiest for you: The remote user can open his hosts file and configure to point to your ip address.
  3. You can setup DynDNS - a DNS entry that will automatically update if your IP is not static. Still - it won't be unless you own it.
  4. You can setup your own DNS server with authoritative entry for, remote user will have to use your DNS server.