Mechanical keyboard switches: linear, soft, click. What is the difference


I intend to buy a keyboard with mechanical switches.
Some are available with different types of switches.

Deck has linear and tactile.
Cherry has three different types which are sometimes referred to by their color:

  • Linear = black
  • Soft = brown
  • Click = blue

I found enough technical information about the different types (even force-deflexion graphs), but
that doesn't really help to decide which fits me best.

As it's not easily possible to try all of them I'd like to know about your experiences.
If you have a mechanical keyboard and know what type of switches it contains, I'd like to hear your opinion.

I also would like to know which type of switches the 'Das Keyboard' uses. People seem to be happy with it so this type is probably OK.

Best Answer

  • I believe that over the time, I've used all of them (keyboard switch types), and although one can feel the difference after switching from one to another, it hardly mattered in the long run. Key distribution was always more important.

    I really can't see it making any difference that's worth fussing about.

    The sound of the key upon pressing can be sometimes important. I'm still searching for a keyboard which will have that distintive feel upon pressing, while still being quiet (my home workdesk is in the bedroom, which can present problems if someone is sleeping). Same goes for the mouse.