Linux – Messed up the .bash_profile remotely, can’t ssh back in

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I'm using a GNU/Linux system remotely, via SSH.

I mistakenly added something into my $HOME/.bash_profile scriot which causes an error. (To be specific: I added an exec foo command instead of . foo, applied to another bash script without execution permissions, which results in an error.)

Now I can't seem to SSH, SCP or SFTP into my machine: bash, my login shell, tries to run the exec foo command, gets the error and throws me out! I don't have any other account I can access remotely.

Is there something I can do to restore access to the system?

Additional details:

  • Most ports other than for SSH are unavailable since the machine is behind a firewall.
  • It's a Devuan 3 ASCII (~= Debian 10 Beowulf) system.

Best Answer

As described here you can use

ssh -t user@host bash --noprofile

in fact, as @JoL suggests, you don't even need the --noprofile, since when ssh executes bash as just another command, it's not considered a login shell. Running ssh -t user@host bash will only read the RC files; and running ssh -t user@host bash --norc will not read even those.