Microscope Camera Driver


I recently purchased a microscope to help with soldering. As a gift I was given this camera for the microscope but no software. Does anyone know where I can find drivers for this camera?

The camera is not branded and only has "Digital Camera DCE-2" written on the front. Google searches have not come up with any link to download drivers.

enter image description here

Best Answer

I have the same camera, it came with a small cd. However,last week I did not have my laptop with me and the cd program was incompatible with my coworkers laptop. It had Windows 7 and a preinstalled webcam in the middle of the monitor. I just plugged it in, let windows troubleshoot it and search for drivers in the web. It identified it as an Lenovo PC camera (which is not) but it downloaded a driver for it. I opened the webcam program to take pictures, change the camera in use in the program to the Lenovo PC am and it worked.

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