Migrate Google docs to Office 365, convert from .gdoc to .docx

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Our company is switching from Google apps to Office 365. As I am one of the only using .gdocs documents I am tasked to convert them to .docx before we migrate by hand, or else I cannot open them anymore.

I know how to save a single document to the MS Word format, but this could be a bit cumbersome if I need to convert them one by one. Possible temporary solution is to move all the files to my private Google account for the time being, but eventually I would need to move and convert them anyways.

So my question is: Is there a way to mass migrate my .gdocs documents to a MS Word format?

Best Answer

  • Use the download feature. Select the files you want to download. Choose the More and select Download...

    A window will popup asking what format you want to download the files in. Make your choice, then click the blue download button.

    enter image description here

    Note: this was found in Google Drive Help.

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