Mixing RAM sticks with different CAS Latency and timings


I currently have 2 of the following RAM sticks on my PC: http://a.co/iu4ANr4

I decided to add more so I bought those: http://a.co/cwRzb4I

Basically both are the same frequency/size/Pins/Voltage/DDR3. The difference is in the CAS Latency and timing.

The I have is: 11-11-11-28
The new one is 10-10-10-30

Would that cause any issues? I heard that all will adapt to the slower ones. Is there a big difference between 10 and 11?

Best Answer

This didn't go well for me. I faced instability issues for a while after mixing RAMs with different specs. My PC finally stopped booting up until I installed RAMs with the same specifications.