Modern vertical layout for Thunderbird


It's weird that I haven't been able to find relevant information anywhere. Basically what I want is a modern vertical layout for the inbox of Thunderbird. That is to say, the message sender and subject should not be crammed into one line, but displayed in a taller row, in the same manner as Apple Mail/Airmail. The current manner in which messages are displayed in Thunderbird under vertical layout makes it very uneasy on the eyes, and I'm not really a fan of horizontal layouts.


Thunderbird Vertical Layout


Apple Mail:

Apple Mail Layout

Best Answer

There isn't an extension that does this, but there's an easy workaround which does what you want:

With a message selected press Ctrl-A to select all messages. The right hand pane then displays all the messages selected, with a summary of their content. (From here you can simply click on a message's subject to go to it).

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