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I'm a big fan of good monitor usage, but only currently use a few utilities to help me attain display nirvana across several systems and monitors. Part of this is due to not knowing what's available.

Please list one monitor utility that you use and what it does for you per answer, and avoid duplicates – comment on and vote up the existing answers rather than adding a duplicate.

Also, if there are existing questions that delve more specifically into one area of monitor utilities link that in a separate answer.


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Among other things:

  • Handles monitor configuration (primary, secondary, etc.).
  • Key-mapping for moving windows between monitors (this is my favorite).
  • Saves window locations.
  • Gives you taskbars on all monitors.
  • Screensaver, background, & desktop icon management

Its license allows you to use it on any computer(s) you own (work, home, etc.). It's decently priced as well. Well worth the money.

I have found that it's a bit quirky sometimes with Vista+Aero. I usually disable Aero and switch back to the Classic theme, so I don't notice this as much.

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