Windows – Monitor which processes are responsible for incoming/outgoing traffic


I need something to give me traffic usage (in real-time) per process. I remember 'Online Armor' did something like this but that app is too bloated for my purposes.

I hope this isn't a dupe – I've seen questions about traffic monitoring (tools like Netlimiter, DU Meter were suggested) but I need something that will give me even more control.

Best Answer

  • There is Process Explorer

    run it as administrative (you have to run it as administrative for the following "processor network" tab to appear) columns.."process network" Then click Receive bytes and Send bytes. Then sort by one of those columns e.g. Receive bytes. You can scroll right the right hand (window) pane, so you reach those 2 columns for bytes sent/received, and you still see process name as you see in the pic 'cos process name is in the left hand pane.

    It shows a total rather than a rate.

    process explorer window with amendments

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