Windows – More than 1 minute to boot Windows 10, even with SSD

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As suggestions for attempts to solve the problem grew, I will start
with a summary of what didn't work to make it easier to read the
original article below:

  1. That's my current hardware specifiations
  2. Windows boot screen stays more than 1 minute to then display the login screen
  3. Initially, I had just one Windows 10 x64 installation, then I installed a new Win10 on dual boot to compare
  4. After the new win10 dual boot installation, the boot time was reduced to 8 seconds (in this case the default win10 was automatically set to the new installation)
  5. But changing to default win10 startup to the old win10, the time came back to 1 minute
  6. Both win10 are with Fast Startup OFF
  7. Safe boot doesn't change the boot time
  8. The red led in front of the desktop (disk I/O) is completely OFF until the login screen is reached (so, no disk I/O during 1 minute)
  9. The drivers for BIOS, RAID, Motherboard are the same for both win10 installations, so it's not a hardware or driver problem.

Original Question:

For some reason, a few weeks ago, my Windows 10 is taking over 1 minute to boot.
That is, more than 1 minute just in that initial black window with the Windows 10 logo and the little dots circling:

enter image description here

… aside from the time remaining when already logged in …

And my Windows 10 is on an SSD!

Would anyone know to tell me any program that allows me to audit which process is causing this delay in the boot? I want to find out the villain …


Following the suggestion in the comments (, I got the analysis:

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

But I can't understand what's the problem.

I also uploaded the result files here.

Could anyone help me with this issue?

Edit 2

Just to confirm, I made another Windows 10 installation in a new partition on my SSD, using dual boot.
For the new Windows 10 installation, the startup is IMMEDIATE.
For the old Windows 10 installation, the startup is STILL MORE THAN 1 MINUTE.

So, once for all, IT'S NOT A HARDWARE PROBLEM!

Edit 3

After installing the new Win10 partition, Windows created a dual boot (and set the new Win10 as the default system).

In this case, the boot takes 8 seconds to reach the dual boot screen.

But changing the default startup system to the OLD Win10 (as described here), strangely, the boot back to take more than one minute to reach the dual boot screen.

enter image description here

So the problem may be something before Windows itself.

Edit 4

As explained in this comment, Fast Startup is not influencing in this case.

Edit 5

One thing I have not commented on before is that during this minute of waiting, the red LED on the front of my desktop, which accuses disk access, is completely off. That is, there is no disk access for 1 minute.

It is as if the boot is waiting for some signal and only after 1 minute does it "release" itself to start the boot itself…

Best Answer

  • I can't comment, all I can see with the performance log you uploaded is:

    <serviceTransition name="XTU3SERVICE" endedAt="-1" firstCheckpointedAt="140581" startedAt="140149" container="unknown" processingTimeDelta="9223371896274" firstCheckpointTimeDelta="432" totalTransitionTimeDelta="9223371896706" transition="start" group="Null"/>
    <diskIO totalTime="29205" totalOps="86157" totalBytes="9415775232" medBytesPerWrite="4096" avgBytesPerWrite="654094" writeTime="6857" writeOps="7926" writeBytes="5184355328" medBytesPerRead="4096" avgBytesPerRead="54088" readTime="22348" readOps="78231" readBytes="4231419904">
    <serviceTransition name="IObitUnSvr" endedAt="17965" firstCheckpointedAt="17950" startedAt="16582" container="IUService.exe (3852)" processingTimeDelta="16" firstCheckpointTimeDelta="1368" totalTransitionTimeDelta="1384" transition="start" group="Null"/>
    <pnpObject type="Device" endTime="4625" startTime="596" name="PCI\VEN_1B21+DEV_0612+SUBSYS_06121849+REV_02\4+23b6d2a4+0+00E3" duration="4029" friendlyName="" description="Asmedia 106x SATA Controller" prePendTime="4029" activity="Enum"/>

    Other than this, during boot and reading of BCD seems like there's a 4 GB file being read.

    All I can see from this is multiple factors are affecting your boot up speed.

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