Windows – Mouse with forward/back buttons and remote desktop

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I have a logitech MX518 that has nice forward and back buttons built onto the mouse directly. They work great locally. However anytime over remote desktop these buttons do nothing. This happens both with the Windows Remote Desktop and the Windows Store / Windows Metro Remote Desktop.

The computer I'm remoting to at work has the same mouse, which when at my desk physically the forward and back buttons work fine.

Is there any way to get remote desktop to respect these commands properly?

Best Answer

  • From here:

    Those buttons are not HID based. They require a driver. Usually that driver is built into Windows, so you don't see it install. Regular RDP cannot tunnel USB devices that are not HID. HID devices, like mouse and keyboard, are directed into the remote session, but the extra buttons aren't. You will need a USB tunnel for that.

    So, a driver will be part of your solution, but a USB tunnel will be necessary as well because the Remote Desktop protocol doesn't even send the necessary information the driver will need.

    A quick Google search returned this promising result:

    However, I have not used this solution and so cannot speak to its efficacy.