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Using Windows 7 I have a server with shared folders set up. If I open one of them and take a file and move it to a subfolder it's instant – the file is obviously only being moved on the server. The same for two windows having the same shared folder open.

If I on the other hand open another shared folder on the same server and move a file between them it takes very long time – like it's downloading the file from the first share to my computer in a temp folder and then uploading it to the other share.

Is there some way to move files between different shares like this without my computer downloading them in between? I want some speed because it's often quite large files.

Best Answer

  • When you say, “another shared folder”, do you mean “a folder in a different file share (i.e., a different mapped drive)”?  If so, that’s the issue, and there is no easy, magic fix.  When you move a file from one folder to another on the same volume, all that needs to happen is for the operating system to write a new directory entry in the destination folder and erase the old directory entry in the source folder — the file data doesn’t need to be accessed.  When you copy a file, the OS must read each data block and write it in a new location.  And a move between volumes might as well be a move between physically separate disks — it must be treated as a copy followed by a delete of the source file — because directory entries cannot point to data blocks on a different volume.

    P.S. Ironically, a move between physically separate disks might even be faster than a move between partitions (volumes or “shares”) on the same disk, because in the latter case the disk I/O heads need to jump back and forth between the source cylinder(s) and the destination cylinder(s).

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