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I have 1TB hard disk drive where 700GB is reserved for my personal files. Remaining space is for Windows 8.1. Problem is that Windows 8.1 with their 4 partitions is at end of disk, so I can't extend space for Windows partition.


I tried two partition apps, but none of these apps can't move EFI System partition, so I also can't move Reserved parition (Other) and my Windows partition. First of all I tried to create System Backup Image, but this just recover all partition to same sectors. Maybe there is some tricks that allow me to choose where recover Windows from System Backup Image?

Best Answer

Standard disclaimer: back up all user data before trying this, because user or software errors can and will destroy it.

The EFI system partition can definitely be moved. (It's identified purely by the partition type).

I'd be more worried about hitting an issue moving Windows partitions. Like Karan, I'd want to have a Windows disc I could run Startup Repair from. (In pre-installed Windows 8.1, the option is actually to burn a USB drive. It will include a full reset image... it doesn't force you to use that... you don't have a large recovery partition so I assume it wouldn't work on your system, presumably you have a Windows install disc instead).

Personally I've used GParted to move partitions. (If it told me I couldn't move an EFI system partition, I would look at changing its type and/or active/boot status, & then back again after the move. I'm just that cocky).

(And in case it's not obvious: to edit these partitions you will need to be running from a boot disc. I think GParted provide a bootable disc image, for example. You generally shouldn't try to edit a partition while it's mounted in a running OS :).