Multiple access points / Switching issues


I've got 2 wifi access points at both ends of my flat. So I got wifi in the whole flat. One of those access points is a router (TP-Link WR1043 v2) while the other one is just an access point (TP-Link WA901ND). Both have different ssids.

Now I've got 2 problems with this setup:

  1. There is a room which is exactly between those 2 access points. When I sit in this room it often switches between the 2 access points. This is okay when watching youtube videos, but it's annoying when playing games on my phone. It always causes a 2-3 second lag, sometimes even a disconnect.

  2. If I walk from one side of the flat to the other it takes like 10-20 seconds until my phone automatically switches into the other, nearer access point.

How can I solve those issues? I've already heard from something called "wifi roaming" related to this topic. What is it and can it help in this case?

Best Answer

  • Set both access points to the same network name (SSID).

    Make sure both have the same network security settings, non-mixed, AES only, Same network keys, but on non-overlapping channels.

    Set the fist router lan address to the lowest available address in the subnet. Example: /24 Set DHCP accordingly.

    Set the second router address to the highest in the subnet Example: /24 And turn off DHCP on this router. Make sure the second router is connected to one of the LAN ports of the first. (Router-1 lan ---> Router-2 lan)

    On some model routers it will help to give the wireless client device a static IP address outside of the DHCP range.

    If you can find roaming settings in your devices set them to high/aggressive.

    That should be it. The wireless devices should automatically switch to the highest strength AP, Without dropping the connection.

    Note: your milage will vary using real-time connections, Skype voip etc. There are better solutions to real-time traffic roaming.

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