Multiple Graphics cards – need to be the same

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I'm about to build a new PC, and I'm looking at Graphics Cards. I want a good one for Gaming, so I'm either looking at the 1796 MB GeForce GTX 260 or I'll get something cheap and wait for the Fermi cards, whatever.

But I want to connect multiple Monitors – at least 3, possibly 4. I just wonder if I can take another graphic card model for that? I don"t want SLi, but I guess I should take another nVidia at least?

Is there any Problem when mixing graphic cards that way? I know it works fine for Office Applications (I believe that the iMo Pivot contains a USB Graphic Card), but I don't know if there are any issues with gaming?

Operating System is Windows 7 x64.

Best Answer

Any combination of AGP, PCI-X, or PCI 2.0 video cards will give you the multiple monitor goodness you desire. However, if they aren't all using the same driver, or if they aren't WDDM Compliant (which all recent cards are), you won't be able to use Aero Glass.

Therefore you probably want a "Heterogeneous Multi-Adapter Configuration".