Multiple Monitors, only one hdmi port (laptop)

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I just bought a new laptop (lenovo Y50 to be exact) and with my old laptop I had two additional screens hooked up to it but with this new laptop, it only has one hdmi output cable but it has a NVIDIA gtx 860m which I know can support multiple monitors because I had the same card in my old laptop, I want to connect the two extra monitors into my new laptop but the one hdmi port is being quite the nuisance, Is it best to just buy a splitter and extend the resolution so it extends to both screens or is there a way to port both screens into the one hdmi port (or perhapse i could use a USB but i'd prefer not to). Also I could convert the hdmi to dvi and split that if it would be better, but i'm not sure if that would make a difference.

Best Answer

Lenovo offers a USB 3 Docking Station, having an additional set of ports. Two of them are DVI ports.