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Sometimes, when I startup my HP laptop I get a message like this (I am not accurately sure of the message but it is something like this)

HP Bios Startup error

The selected bios file was not found. It is either corrupt or missing

Please visit

Please Press ENTER – to Continue.

When I press enter nothing bad happens, My system just starts up normally. I have had a similar problem with my desktop but whenever I press enter the computer restarts and doesn't startup. I was told that a virus had attacked my system.

I am very worried. Is the same thing happening here?, How will it affect my system? and What can I do?

Best Answer

i suppose that your laptop bios is UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). Most likely that the HP_TOOLS EFI is missing form the system. If you formatted/reformatted or replaced your HDD/SSD it could be that there is no efi-partition (HP_Tools) installed.

I think that correct error message is:

The HP BIOS application selected is corrupt or missing. Please install the application and try again.

BIOS Application Error (501)

Enter - Continue

To fix this do the following:

  1. Enter your BIOS by pressing F10 (I think) while booting up
  2. Navigate to System Configuration / Device Configurations
  3. Find the option called HP Quicklook or HP Quicklook 2 and set it to Disabled
  4. Save the changes and exit

This should get past this message

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