Windows – Need for page file with 12 GB RAM

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Windows 7 pagefile size with large RAM and SSD

I recently got my new PC with 12 GB RAM (running Windows 7 64bit). The default installation suggests a 12 GB page file on the system drive (which I think is both inefficient and expensive on a SSD drive…)

I'm wondering if I need any virtual memory at all, 12 GB being more than I had on my previous machine including the page file (I had 3GB RAM + 3GB pagefile).

Best Answer

Yes, you need a page file. Windows always needs to have at least a little bit of HDD space (or in your case SSD space) to function properly. Since you are using a SSD, I would lower the size of the page file down to around 0.5GB or so. Normally Windows likes to have 1.5 times the amount of physical RAM as a page file (seems ridiculous to me) as mentioned by this link. I don't know the specifics comfortably enough to explain why you need it (other than reasons you would need RAM and when your computer wakes from sleeping), but I know that your OS should have some allocated for a page file.

Update: After answering this question and attempting to do some research on other reasons Windows needs a page file, I noticed the conversation in the comments of the question...