Windows – .NET 2.0 “not installed” after upgrade to Windows 7

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I Recently upgraded to Windows 7 (Business) RTM from Vista Business and everything is going great, it fixed the BSOD I was getting and the performance of my laptop is improved.

However; during the upgrade, something seems to have gone awry with my .NET 2.0 installation.

When attempting to install FlashDevelop, I get the following error from the installer package

You need to install Maicrtosoft.NET
2.0 runtime before installing FlasgDevelop. You Have .

I have a previous release of FD installed from before the upgrade and this still works fine.

So I gave up on the new version of FD and got on with my day.

Then I tried to install the Microsoft SQL Server Database Publishing Wizard 1.1 and that says I am missing a couple of prerequisites, one of which is .NET 2.0.

When I download the .NET 2.0 runtime the installer fails, telling me that

This product is already installed as
part of the operating system.

Does anyone have any idea how to make my computer recognise that .NET 2 is in fact installed.


I've checked Windows Features and everything relating to .NET is already installed.

I've also been through my list of installed programs looking for .NET to in an attempt to uninstall it but it isn't there. In fact, the only thing that looks like a .NET distro that I am able to uninstall is the 3.5 Compact Framework.

Best Answer

  • I think although .net is part of Windows 7, it can be turned on and off. Open control panel, choose programs, then choose "Turn windows features on or off". There should be an option then for turning on .NET support.

    The OP has confirmed that .NET 3.5 is listed as installed in windows features. My next suggestion would be to try removing and re-installing .NET 3.5 SP1. You should be able to remove from the previously mentioned windows features list. Then download the .NET 3.5 SP1 installer and install that. Then run a check for updates to get the last few bits.

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