Windows – “net start service” and “sc start”. What is the difference

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Services can be stopped and started using two commands in Command Prompt Shell.

  1. net start service "some service"
  2. sc start "some service"

what is the difference between these commands?

Best Answer

In Windows NT, both commands access the same Service Manager. The difference is mainly in the user-visible part:

  • net is older – from the days of MS-DOS and OS/2, in fact.

    sc only appeared with Windows NT (not sure which version).

  • net can only start, stop and pause services.

    sc has more advanced controls, can query state, create and delete services, change their configuration and security: sc config beep start= demand

  • net only works locally.

    sc can be used over the network: sc \\snow start rpcapd

  • net accepts display names: net start "Windows Firewall"

    sc always requires a service name: sc start SharedAccess