Networked Printer Behind Second Router


I have a setup with a Cisco RV042 router connected as follows:

Broadband Motorola Surfboard -> Cisco RV042 -> Wirless Router
 |                                              |
 |-> Wirless N network                          |-> Wireless G network
      |                                              |
      |-> Home server w/ shared printer              |-> [Other PCs]

The Surfboard has a wireless N network, though the other wireless router runs on G for compatibility reasons.

The problem I am having is that I have a printer connected to a Windows computer on the wireless N router (with a static IP address), and I need computers on the G network to be able to use the shared printer. The printer is shared, though not through Homegroup.

On the other computers in the house (on the G network), I cannot see the server in the list of computers on the network, and I cannot seem to manually add the printer by typing in the IP address.

The question is– how can I get other computers to detect the server connected to the printer, or what IP address/port/URL do I specify to connect to a shared printer on that PC?

Best Answer

  • Do you have both Routers handing out DHCP? Are both routers on the same IP subnet? If the surfboard handles DHCP, the G router has DHCP disabled (but is set with a static address on the same IP subnet... essentially just a bridge) then I can't see why all the computers shouldn't be able to see the shared printer.

    For example... enter image description here

    How does this grab you... make sense? Have the surfboard handle DHCP, and set the range to start at 50 or so. Set the G router to be a bridge, or at least disable DHCP, and connect it to the surfboard via one of the normal ethernet ports (not the Internet port). Assign it an IP that is outside the DHCP range, but on the same subnet (so you can easily get to it to adjust settings, etc). Then, all the computers that connect to the G router, will get an IP address that is in the same range that the server and printer are in. That should work.

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