Networking – 2 Wireless Routers daisy chained for two WAPs from one modem


I have a Linksys Wireless N router with 4 ports. The cable modem comes in through the basement and as a result the wireless signal doesn't reach upstairs very well. All 4 ports on the router are taken.

Can I use a spare Linksys Wireless G router daisy chained on the Wireless N router? I can sacrifice one port on the Wireless N to plug in the Wireless G like, leaving me with the following setup:

  • Cable Modem –> Wireless N WAN

  • Wireless N Outgoing Port –> Wireless G Wan

  • Wireless G —> Upstairs Wi-Fi and 4 extra ports.

As set up, when I connect to the WiFi through the Wireless G router, I have limited network connectivity and can't connect to the greater Internet through it. How can I use the Wireless G router, connected to the cable modem through the N router, in a way that allows for ful network connectivity, maximizes wireless range and LAN ports?

Best Answer

You could do something like the following:

  1. config AP-N with SSID-N and IP range 0-127
  2. config AP-G with SSID-G and IP range 128-255
  3. flip AP-G 'backwards' and connect them by what is normally the client side of the AP
  4. point all devices at AP-N for the gateway

This gives to two SSIDs with non-overlapping IP ranges that are still technically on the same subnet (assuming that you use a /24 netmask). It also avoids the double NAT.