Networking – Archer C5 router as switch only


I have main router ( and severals PCs connected to it, then I have another router ( – this is the IP assigned to the router by the main router).

I want to use the secondary router as switch only (adn for Wi-fi) so all PCs no matter to which router they are connected could see each other in the network for file sharing.

So I have to set LAn and WAN to be in the same subnet as the main router ? It still gives me error that lan and wan cannot be in same subnet etc. When I disable DHCP I canno access the router anymore so I have to reset it.

Isn't there any guide how to configure this TP-LINK Archer C5 as "bridge" only ?


Best Answer

  • Don't use the WAN at all. If you must configure an IP, pick one that you don't care about (such as Do not connect the WAN port to anything.

    Set the LAN IP to be one inside your network but outside your router's DHCP range. So if your main router is and your DHCP range is to, or are good IP addresses for the switch.

    Disable the DHCP server.

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