Networking – collect wireless packets using Wireshark while being connected to the Internet via cable


I am working on a PC which is connected to my router using a LAN cable, and the other computers in my house are connected to my router using WiFi.

We are all connected to the same network, so I assume that the answer to my question will be yes, but when I run Wireshark it doesn't capture packets sent from the other devices connected via WiFI.

Can I sniff the packets being sent to and from the wireless router even though I am connected through cable?

Best Answer

If you're are not listenting on the wireless network you won't be able to see most of the traffic on that network. Most wired networks these days are switched, such that you will only see traffic that is either from your machine or to your machine (either because it's sent directly to your system or because it's broadcast traffic sent to all systems on the network).

If you want to capture traffic on the wireless network, you would likely be best using a tool dedicated to this task (e.g. kismet Wireless) or airodump-ng) along with an appropriate wireless adapter configured in monitor mode.