Networking – FTP Not Working with Mobile Tethering


I am not able to connect with my FTP Client (Filezilla) using mobile tethering. When I try to connect to my website, it says connection timed out. However when I use my sister’s phone for tethering, it connects well.

How can I fix that? I have to upload a lot of pages on server and my mobile internet connection is faster than my sister’s. I tried using FileZila and CoreFTP clients. I am using Windows 7 machine.

Best Answer

Due to its architecture the FTP protocol does not work very well in environments making use of NAT. NAT is heavily used in mobile networks and the used helper applications are sometimes buggy, which might explain the difference you see. There might be other reasons while it fails in one network but succeeds in the other but without having lots of details about the networks all is speculation.

I strongly recommend to move away from FTP and instead use SFTP, that is file transfer over SSH. FileZilla supports SFTP but you need an SSH server setup at the server side. But don't confuse SFTP with FTPS which is FTP with TLS and has even more problems in environments using NAT.

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