Networking – getting latency between the modem and the router


I pay for a 15mbps down, 1mbps up DSL internet plan from TekSavvy Solutions (Canada). At least once or twice a week there will be moments where we get speeds much lower than advertised.

When I notice the internet is particularly slow I test this by doing a Speedtest(.net). Often times the download speed is between 6mbps and 13mbps, sometimes as low as 2mbps.

I play the game League of Legends where I will experience random spikes in ping throughout my playing time. The ping rarely remains stable across consecutive days without variation of ~10ms-20ms.

While troubleshooting a ping issue with League of Legends in which the ping spikes over 100ms I completed a series of troubleshooting steps, one of which revealed a 41ms latency between my modem and my router.

This problem surfaced a couple months ago and it was suggested I replace my 5 year old D-Link router, which I did. It appears the router replacement did not solve the latency between the modem and the (new) router.

I have also used the Android app "Wifi Analyzer" to ensure my router is on an optimal channel. The app shows I have nearly -40dBm signal and using the best possible channel.

I am tired of trying to solve this problem every 3-4 weeks and would love to finally end all of these internet issues.

How can I find out what is causing the latency, and how can I finally solve it?

Best Answer

When using WIFI you will always be at the whimm of those arround you - you really need to switch to a wired connection to guarantee a stable, low latency connection to your router. Its quite probable that even when using the best WIFI channel other channels with overlap and interfere with your performance. (there are only 3 non-overlapping channels in the 2.4 gig band). Just because its the best channel does not mean its good enough !

Also, in a home user scenario, a cabled connection will have a lower latency (and more bandwidth) then a WIFI connection.

You may also want to get a variant of MTR (winmtr is for Windows I think), which can tell you where the latencies are coming in. The problem could also be that your computer is not fast enough [ at least that used to be the case when I played online games - sometime in the dark ages ].

The problem is almost certainly not double NAT as this would not have a significant impact on latency.