Networking – How to disable the realtek wireless lan utility


I recently installed windows 7. As a part of this, I was required to install the drivers for my onboard wireless adapter (Realtek 8187). However, with the driver came this annoying management studio called Realtek Wireless Lan Utility. It's not a huge burden, except that every time I log in to my computer (if I've been idle for a while), this idiot application is up on the screen and I need to click 'close' to close it.

I can't seem to find any 'do not start at windows startup' on the application or anything that would cause it to just let windows manage my wireless settings. I've done the preliminary google search, but searches for 'disable realtek wireless lan utility' seem to come up with nada for results. Anyone know how to disable this stupid program?

Best Answer

So, hopefully this might help someone in the future, but I was able to find the solution. In the Program Files directory, there is a Realtek Wireless Lan Utility and Driver folder. Within this folder is a driver/ folder. I copied this folder to another location, uninstalled the realtek wireless lan utility (which also uninstalled the driver). I then went into Device Manager, searched for new hardware (which it found the wireless adapter, but required a driver). I pointed the driver installation system to the driver/ folder, and it installed JUST the driver.

Hope this helps someone else.