Networking – How to split the modem connection into a router and an additional ethernet output


I have my cable modem in one room. I have a ethernet wire going through the wall connecting to the router. I have an Office I want to run an ethernet cable to, which would be pretty easy to do if I can run the wire to the room w/ the cable modem. Unfortunately I can't run a wire from my router to the Office.

Is this possible with a splitter or switch or some other device?

Hopefully the image helps:

Diagram of desired layout

Best Answer

The easiest option will be to move the router to where the modem is and put a switch where the router was by your TV and use the existing cable between the current modem and router setup to connect the router and switch. Then you can run a cable from the office to your router. If WiFi will be an issue with the change, you can add a wireless access point to your switch as well. If you add a access point, have the name and security settings be the same as your router.

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