Networking – How to use an ADSL modem/router only as a router


I have this ADSL modem/router: pirelli drg-A221g (
It has one RJ-11 (ADSL Phone line) input, one output to telephone headset, and only one RJ-45 (Ethernet/lan) connection on it.

It works fine, when I am using ADSL, and I can connect several devices to it wirelessly.
Now, I want to disconnect it from RJ-11 (ADSL line), connect its RJ-45 (lan) to internet connection cable (from other company), and use it only as a router to access to internet wirelessly. I want to connect my internet cable (coming from TV-cable-modem-box) to this router and have wireless internet in my laptops and mobiles.
But it does not work!

I connect internet cable from tv-cable-modem-box to my laptop and it works ok.
Then I tried connecting this cable to the only RJ-45 port on the router.
All devices successfully connect to the router, but there is no internet!

After doing several restarts in the router, laptop and tv-cable-modem-box, (only restarts, no configuration or settings), I could get internet on my laptop. But still, my other devices are connected to the router, with no internet.

Can someone help please?

Best Answer

To check the settings of the router please do the following steps:

  1. First use the laptop/pc that is connected to the router either wired or wireless.
  2. Now run the command prompt and type ipconfig.
  3. You will find the default gateway displayed.
  4. Now go to the web browser and give the gateway address in the address bar. Remember that only the device that is connected to the router can access the router.
  5. Now you will see the login page which asks us username and password most likely default username as admin and password as admin but it can differ. If you can't login please search it in the google or ask your ISP.
  6. Now you can see the settings of the router.