Networking – I’m being redirected to a parking site when dns resolution fails


I've just realized that when I enter an URL in the browser and navigate there, if the site doesn't exist I get redirected to a parking site full of ads. Confirmed that the site doesn't exist after checking WHOIS information (domain is available, etc.).
My home setup is just a wifi-router with an ADSL service, and my devices going through that wifi connection.

My tests so far:

I guess this could be something bad/malicious in my connection/setup/isp, but I would appreciate any directions to troubleshoot this issue.

Best Answer

That would be your ISP 'helping' you.

Or as was pointed out in the comments, your DNS server was compromised or your gateway's DNS settings were changed to point to a malicious DNS server.

See for information on one example of DNS changing malware that targets SOHO routers and how to check/remove the problem.