Networking – Is a router necessary between a modem and a switch


Is it possible to change our internet setup from this:

Cable Modem -> Wi-fi Router -> (via wired connection) Unmanaged Switch -> CAT 5e Server Rack -> Wall Ethernet Port -> Computers

To This:

Cable Modem -> Unmanaged Switch -> CAT 5e Server Rack -> Wall Ethernet Port -> Computers?

Additional Info:
Our company has a shared server room on another floor than ours, and our wi-fi router is far out of range to be of any use to us in that server room. We are looking to eliminate this router since its a rental from an ISP we just switched from that we will need to return anyways. Is the wi-fi router a necessary component in order to have internet sent through our switch?

Best Answer

Yes and no. The router provides a local network, and distributes local IP addresses to all the computers connected to it, while only using 1 external IP provided by your ISP.

Without the router, that switch is going to try to give each PC on the network, it's own external facing IP address. I doubt it will work out well for you since I'm sure your ISP would have some sort of limit to how many IPs you can get. For me, it is 3. I have my cable modem running into an unmanaged switch, and the switch has 2 PCs connected to it, each with their own unique IP address, and then I have another port connecting to a junky old router, which I share between my two PCs. That setup is working fine for me, but if this is a business, I would highly recommend getting some sort of router, or a managed switch that will allow you to set up DHCP on it.