Networking – Laptop can ping, but not browse. Clean windows install. Telnet doesn’t work. Not the network


The laptop is able to ping and tracert, but not browse the internet. I'll start by saying what I've already ruled out:

  • It is a completely fresh windows install
  • The network works fine for the other 5 devices, both wifi and wired
  • Telnet does not connect
  • Pinging domain name and IP address works fine
  • am able to browse the laptop via desktop on network, but not vice versa
  • have verified that there are no proxy settings active

So, anyone have any ideas what could be causing this, aside from the stuff I've already tried? I've already diagnosed the stuff listed above, so telling me to telnet will be non-productive. Telling me to try a different browser or check for viruses or disable AV also won't help, as I've ruled these things out. I apologize for my tone, but I appear to be getting the same few answers every time I ask this question, at which point my question must be disappearing.

Best Answer

Try this method:

  • Click on Start --> In search box, type cmd --> Then "CMD" will be displayed in the search --> Now right-click on "CMD" ---> Select "Run as administrator".

  • Now enter this command and press "Enter".

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

  • Reboot your computer

Good Luck.

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