Networking – Netgear router keeps disconnecting iPhone


My old router (Voyager 2091) packed up so I just got a new router – a Netgear N150 model DGN1000.

My laptop connects OK wirelessly, but my iPhone 4S is constantly getting "disconnected" – it has perfect WiFi signal and seems to be connected to the router, but no pages load (it says "server cannot be found").

If I disconnect manually ("forget this network") then reconnect, it works fine again for a random amount of time (usually 10-30 minutes) then I get the same problem again.

I've done some searching and this appears to be a known problem – there are dozens of forum posts out there lamenting similar connection problems. The only advice I have seen is to set a specific channel under Wireless Settings on the router CP, although every forum post recommends a different channel! 1, 3, 5, 6, 11… I have tried them all for hours at a time and get the exact same problem. The firmware is up to date.

Is there an actual solution for this, or do I need to get a different router just to be able to use my iPhone?

Best Answer

You could try to perform a network reset on the iPhone (not just "forget network") and a firmware upgrade on the Netgear. If I remember correctly, the DGN1000 has a builtin upgrader tool on the web interface.