Networking – Router settings for maximum speed


When connected to the ethernet, I get a full 100 MBPS connection.

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However, through the Wifi, I end up getting 70 MBPS and it seems like the speed decreases when I am away from the router, even more.

enter image description here

I have an ASUS RT N66U router that is configured as follows:

  • Dual band (20/40 MHz wide auto chosen) and I connect to the 2.4 GHz band while I have another SSID of 5 GHz band.
  • Wireless mode – Auto (between N only and legacy)

Any quick tests and wins I can make in my configuration, to get full bandwidth through the router?

Best Answer

This happens because packets sent wirelessly are more likely to arrive corrupted, so your computer asks the router to send those packets again, and that decreases your speed. The faster your connection is, more pockets will be lost in the way because more are sent.

I cannot recommend any specific settings/configuration that will increase your speed, because it depends on too much things, so it will be hard for me to tell without understanding the whole network setup.

But these basic tips should help:

  1. Use 5Ghz, there are many reasons and opinions about this one, but generally, less devices use this band, so the signal should be "cleaner". But it weaker than 2.4GHz, so you will need to be closer to the router.

  2. If you watch alot of videos or sound you may wanna try to switch on "WMM"(Wifi Multimedia), which wont increase the speed of the connection, but it will give priority to multimedia files. so it may appear faster some times.

  3. If you have "XPress™ Technology" in your router settings you may wanna try to turn it on and check if it improves the seed in your case. Some say it works while other says it doesn't. if you have it, try it.

  4. If you have any "Power Efficient" mode, or something similar, turn it off.

That is all i got, i hope it helps.