Networking – What problems could occur if I use two different routers on the same telephone line


My house appears to have some walls that significantly reduce signal reliability from my ISP connection.

I would like to keep the "main" connection in my den (desktop with multiple printers, etc.) but set up a different router to the same ISP line (different phone socket on same telephone number) so that I can use another desktop and the kids can connect wirelessly to my home network.

  1. What are the problems with this idea?
  2. Anyone know of a "kindergarten guide" on how to do it? I'm not a techno person but can follow instructions.

Best Answer

The normal solution is to use a "WiFi repeater". Some WiFi routers can act as a repeater (i.e. not connected to the phone line for an ADSL connection)

enter image description here

Another option is to use HomePlug

enter image description here