Networking – Wifi connection “limited”


Sometimes my wifi just randomly stops working for sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 2 hours. On my laptop I see that my wifi goes from "connected" to "limited". My laptop probably isn't the problem because when I check my phone I dont have wifi on my phone either. It probably isn't my router as well cause I bought a new router. (the wifi problem wasn't the reason why i bought a new router) I have this problem for like a month now and it gets really annoying. I tried to find the problem but no1 could find the solution. Can anybody tell me what's the problem?

Best Answer

It happened to me once. It wasn't either the router or my laptop because it also affected other devices at home. The problem was the Modem. After several weeks I've put the complaint at the service company they answered me those modems (the ones of the same manufacture date) were defective and I should replaced it. After I've changed it and the problem has gone.