Networking – Will a `wireless n` network adapter work `wireless g` router


I have verizon fios internet service. I believe they use a Wireless G router, but I just have one question. I currently am using a 54mbps wireless pci adapter in my Windows 7 custom build. It drops the internet connection all the time and is starting to get very irritating. I'm thinking about buying a new one, but all the 300mbps cards on newegg are wireless n.

So my question is, will a wireless n network adapter make a difference with a wireless g router?

Best Answer

Yes an "N" adapter will work with your "G" router - but only at the "G" speed.

Wireless-N devices can by definition talk to Wireless-G (and B) devices. So if you have a wireless-N adapter in your machine then it will be able to connect to your wireless-G network, but it will only work on the "G" speed so you will not get the "N" advantage.

If you already have a wireless-N adapter then you could consider upgrading your router to "N" as well (to get more speeeed). You probably can't find any/many "G" adapters anymore, and you shouldn't worry about it because "N" adapters will work with "G" routers just as well as "G" adapters would.

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