MacOS – New Dvds with 99 Title tracks, which one is the correct track


I have embarked on the task of backing up my DVD collection. I have noticed that some of the newer movies I am attempting to rip contain 99 Title tracks all with approximately equal overall run times.

I use MacTheRipper to rip the DVDs and Handbrake to encode them.

My question is, is there a site somewhere that has information regarding which Title track to select?

Disclaimer: I cannot stress this enough, I legally own these DVDs. I am merely making a digital copy.

Two examples of such DVDs are Star Trek and Carriers.

UPDATE: Just an FYI each most of these 99 tracks appear to be the full length tracks. There times look to be very similar to the overall movie run time (within a few seconds of each other). So using the time isn't a valid way to tell which is the correct track.

Opening the movie with VLC seems to be the best way to tell. Thank you all.

Best Answer

  • I came across this when I was back-up some tv-shows to Apple TV. As a solution I use VLC to figure out what the right chapter number is.

    Just start the DVD in VLC and start the movie/select TV show. When it runs you can check under Playback>Chapter what the corresponding chapter# is

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