No bashrc file in the home directory


Here is what I noted down from my lecture:

  • Find file .bashrc in your home directory
  • do vi .bashrc
  • When you put an application folder somewhere, make sure that its address is in the
    path variable.

The problem is that I do not have a .bashrc file in my home directory. There is only a .bash_history file in my home.

If i go to the root, there is a etc/bash.bashrc file there but what i think is that it will make changes for all users and not just for me. I want to add this path just for myself. It shouldn't effect others. Also there is no $PATH variable in that bashrc file so I am even more confused.

Best Answer

Don't forget it is a hidden file inside your home directory (you would not be the first to do a ls -l and thinking it is not there).

Do following ...

ls -la ~/ | more

There should be a .bashrc on the first page. If not just create it with

vi ~/.bashrc

And simply write following line into it.


OR Most of the distributions keep a standard .bashrc file in /etc/skel/ You can copy it to home directory.

$cp /etc/skel/.bashrc ~
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