No Bluetooth on Dell Vostro 3500


I recently purchased a Dell Vostro 3500. I could not find any way of activating the bluetooth device. I looked at the BIOS and tried installing the bluetooth drivers which said that no bluetooth device was found. So I went onto the Dell website to confirm that the laptop should come with Bluetooth which it should. The laptop even came with the Bluetooth status light symbol above the keyboard. I was wondering if there is any way to confirm that there is infact no bluetooth device on my laptop or that the device is there but not working?

Best Answer

Run lsusb on unix-like systems or go to control panel-> system -> device manager and look for bluetooth there on windows. If it isn't there, you probably don't have it.

Keep in mind that in same series there could be laptops with Bluetooth and without Bluetooth. Both will have same external indicators because it's cheaper to include Bluetooth light on all laptops then it is to make two versions: One for Bluetooh laptops and other for laptops without Bluetooth.

Also read your computer's specifications. They are probably printed somewhere on its box. Keep in mind that is is possible that you payed for laptop with Bluetooth and got one without.

In the end only sure way to confirm if there is a malfunctioning Bluetooth radio is to open the laptop and look for it. Unfortunately, it would be quite complicated to disassemble the laptop and it could void your warranty.

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