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I have a strange problem with Windows 7. It all started couple of days ago. On my Dell XPS laptop I have two network interfaces, one LAN one WLAN. When I power up my computer I have a small yellow triangle on network icon that says no internet access for my LAN connection. I have an IP address from my DHCP. Ping does not work and tracert outputs this:

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1  XPS []  reports: Destination host unreachable.

Trace complete.

The first time this happened I googled a bit found this tip:

netsh int ip reset

I ran it, rebooted, and it worked. The first time. Next day it didnt work. I ran it a few times, fiddled a bit with networks and it worked. Next day, nothing worked and thats why I'm writing here – cause I'm out of ideas.

And another thing, if I disconnect LAN cable and power on WLAN everything works fine. I wonder for how long.

What should I do? It seems the only solution is to reinstall Windows 7 from scratch but if I'll have to do that every 30 days (yes, I installed it 30 days ago) – screw Windows 7, I'm going back to XP. I need my network to work!

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  • Windows 7, same as Vista, supports only one internet connection, and in addition has the annoying habit of always preferring wired connections over non-wired, on the supposition that they are faster (have better metric).

    See this article for a Vista solution with many screenshots :
    "Windows Vista Multiple Networks: Wireless To Public WIFI and Wired To Private LAN".

    The basic solution is to use the command:

    route delete IF 11

    where the IF 11 refers to Inteface List # 11 (which is displayed by route print command output, in the Interface List section). Replace this by the number in your case.

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