No internet through a web browser but Skype still works


We get our office broadband through a BT Business Broadband WiFi router. We have a mixture of macs and windows PC/laptops connecting to it at any one time.

All devices are able to connect to the wireless signal with pretty much full signal.

However, only two computers (one windows, one os x) are able to consistently connect to the internet. The other three (one windows, two os x), while they can always connect to the wifi, exhibit one of three characteristics.

  1. No internet at all.

  2. Programs like Skype work, but no internet through a browser.

  3. Internet works, but with intermittent lag when switching between different sites. I'm assuming while trying to resolve different addresses.

Ignoring point 1 for moment, my gut is telling me DNS. It is an up to 20MB line that usually gets to between 13MB and 15MB downstream. The router is capable of dealing with the amount of wireless devices that we're throwing at it.

Has anyone got any suggestions for how I might further diagnose this problem (preferably in OS X)?


Best Answer

  • I had the same problem for many months trying to connect to any Wi-FI and it did not work.

    Finally, I went to Wireless Network Connection Properties, Internet Protocol version 4, and I found, by mistake I have given Use the following DNS server address with a IP address

    When I made it Obtain DNS server address automatically, Internet started working through Wi-Fi again.

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