Noise level of 10’000 rpm harddisks

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I was planning to buy a new 10k rpm harddisk for my PC to speed up my daily work (SW development) – I guess this could lead to noticable speed improvement compared to my current 7200 rpm drive.

What I'm a bit worried though, is the increased noise level such a drive might produce. Are 10k drives noticably louder standard desktop drives and could this noise level be too much for an office environment?

I know these questions are quite subjective, but I'd still like to hear your opinions.

Best Answer

  • There are ways to suspend those 10k RPM hard disks so it makes very little noise. A good place to start would be to check SilentPCReview for tips on minimizing noise.

    I currently suspend my 2 Velociraptors using thick rubber bands in the 5.25" bays - almost silent (then again, I'm quite hard of hearing). For a more professional approach to doing this, you can check this out.

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