Not compatible RAM module


According to the specs of my Fujitsu Esprimo P2560 desktop the maximum RAM is 8 GB. There are 2 slots and currently there are 2+2 GB installed. I tried to upgrade the memory bank by removing one of the 2GB and replace it with a 4 GB module but this did not work. The module in question is a 4 GB 240-pin DDR3 8500 1066 MHz. Exactly the same as the 2 GB. Furthermore, I have the latest BIOS installed. Anyone out there have a clue?

Best Answer

The G41 Express chipset has an obscure limitation which requires the use of dual-rank memory modules, which are typically double-sided, to attain 8 GB of memory.

  • Your computer uses the G41 Express chipset. The official Intel specification states that it can only handle 4 GB of DDR3 memory. 8 GB of DDR3 will work but only with a specific configuration. Specifically, the chipset cannot handle modules containing higher-density memory chips.

  • This means that compatible 4 GB modules must have two sets, or ranks, of lower-density chips. Dual-rank memory modules are required to enable the use of 8 GB of RAM on your system. These modules are typically double-sided in order to accommodate the extra memory chips.

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