Not filling all RAM slots – will it make the machine volatile


I have done some searching and I have not found a straight forward answer to my problem. As all the questions I came over searching were concerning using only two RAM slots with not more than 4GB of RAM.

I am currently building a PC for the purpuse of doing some really heavy graphics; mostly with 3dsmax and the Unity3d engine. The PC will have +- the following set up.

MOTHER BORAD – ASUS ROG Rampage IV Extreme Intel X79

PROCESSOR – Intel Core i7-3930K // Intel Core i7 3820 3,60 GHz

GPU – AMD Raden 7970

RAM – 4x 16GB (2x8GB) 1600Mhz Kingston DDR3 (64GB RAM can be handled by the

I have two unsolved problems:

Would there would be an option to use just 32GB/64GB RAM slots in the Mother Board; which would save me some cash for now. Or would it cause some serious problems such as dramatical performance drop?

The second question is: How can I tell if the processor would be able to handle the ammount of 64 GB of RAM?,3090-7.html

According to the i3930K needs 2 minutes to render something that i7 3820 needs about 2:30 min
Intel Core i7-3930K (faster)
Intel Core i7 3820 3,60 GHz (slower but 2x cheaper)

Best Answer

No, this will not negatively affect your stability. The DDR3 specification allows you to run with one DDR3 DIMM per channel, that's perfectly within limits, and there is no need to put a DIMM on every channel.

That said, the best performance is usually achieved by using exactly one DDR3 DIMM per channel, all identical. So, to get 64GB on a 4-channel CPU like the Core i7, you indeed would want 4 identical modules of 16 GB.