Windows – Nt4.0 Printer Driver not compatible with Vista


I've got a Brother Fax-8360P printer that has a standard printer port so it can be connected to my WindowsXP machine. I've found some drivers on the net that work and it is a pretty decent laser printer.

However, when I try and connect up to it from my Vista machine over the network, it tells me that "The printer driver is not compatible with a policy enabled on your computer that blocks NT4.0 drivers".

Main question – is it possible to alter this so that my Vista machine will allow me to print via the network.

Secondary question – does anyone know of any generic driver that will work instead?

Best Answer

  • Microsoft support article KB 931719.

    Another reference

    Please try on your VISTA machine:
    Control Panel -> Printers -> Add a printer -> Add a local printer ->
    Create a new port: Local Port ->
    Enter a port name: \Your_XP_machine\Shared_Printer [REPLACE W/ YOUR INFO]
    Pick appropriate driver from list provided by Vista [Lexmark 4800]