Ny advantage to using ISO vs Folders for CD rips


I've used ISOs when ripping my CDs just to keep the integrity of the CD, but the only problem is that if I ever needed to edit a file inside, I would wind up unpacking the WHOLE iso, adding/deleting/modifying that one file, that have to repack the WHOLE thing. At first I was kinda doing this because I thought that isos were slightly compressed, but after further examination, it seems that i couldn't have been further from the truth.

Are there any advantages to using an ISO file instead of folder (speed, space, etc) or vise versa?

Best Answer

Just a few points:

  • Iso-files are not ment to be edited. That's the reason you need to repack.

  • You can only have one - integrity of your backup or the ability of editing the files inside.

  • To quickly access the files in your iso there are many tools that will mount them as virtual drives - also for windows like daemon-tools, there's even one from microsoft, but I can't remember it's name.

  • One advantage of Iso is that many older programs require to be installed from CD/DVD. Or if it requires to read data from CD/DVD - like many games. Using such a virtual drive you can "fool" your system to work as if the cd was inserted. Plus some additional advantages - such as you can have several such drives at once, it's much faster than the typical optical drive and you don't need a builtin drive on your computer.