OEM Office 2010 without media – how to reinstall


I have recently purchased a new office desktop PC from Dell with OEM version of Windows 7 Pro and Office 2010 Pro.

One of the reasons I always use Dell is that they always supply installation media CDs or DVDs, unlike some other companies that just give you ISO images on the hard disk that you have to burn yourself.

This is the first PC I have purchased with Office 2010 Pro (OEM), and I was disappointed to see that Dell don't ship out any installation media for office 2010, they just supply a piece of card with the office pro product key printed on it.

If the HDD fails completely and I have to perform a clean installation, how can I re-install office?

Can I download the trial version of Office 2010 and install that, then offer it my product key? Bearing in mind that the product key is an OEM product, not a retail product, would this work?

Best Answer

I have tried it and it works.

Just download the trial version corresponding to the version you have, and when it asks you to enter the product key enter your key and it will complete the full install process.