MacOS – Open folder for a given path in Mac OS X


Let's say I have a path to a folder in a text document or in the clipboard, for example:


How can I quickly open this folder in Mac OS X?
In Windows I could open the Run-dialog, paste the path into the input box and the folder would open.

Is there a similar way in Mac OS X?

Best Answer

Yes, there are. If you are already in Finder you can use one of them:

  1. In the Go menu, choose Go to Folder… option
  2. Press + + G

If you want to do it from Dock - press and hold left mouse on Finder icon and choose Go to Folder….

Just paste in modal window your path and press Enter

It will throw an error if the folder does not exist, or the path points to a file. Note also that it opens in your current window, so if you want to Go in a new window you will have to open that window first.