OpenOffice: get distinct values from column


How do I get a list of all distinct values from a column of values?

Basically, this question:

How do I get the distinct/unique values in a column in Excel?

but I need the answer for Open Office Calc instead of MS Excel.

I'm using Open Office 3.2

Best Answer

You can do this with the OpenOffice advanced filter (on the main menu..Data/Filter/Advanced Filter)

  1. Ensure your column of data has a title at the top, e.g. title and that the data is contiguous (no empty cells) or select the whole column including empty cells by clicking on the column header.,
  2. Create a filter criterion that would include all the data in your column, e.g. in cell D1 enter title; in cell D2 enter >" ". Use any unused cells in your spreadsheet - these are just temporary inputs which are needed to apply the filter.
  3. Select the header of your data column to highlight the whole column, then choose Data/Filter/Advanced Filter.
  4. In the box that opens, for 'Read Filter Criteria from' choose both cells of your filter (e.g. D1 and D2)
  5. Click the 'More' button and check the 'No duplication' box. Optionally you can choose to copy the filtered data somewhere else. Click OK and distinct cells will be displayed.

Not very intuitive, but once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty fast.